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Goodbye everyone, I guess. Early in Spring of 2006 I was elected to the bargaining council in preparation for negotiation of our 5th contract. Shortly after, I was appointed to replace a departed AAUP secretary for a committee that included:

 Then:                                               And is now:

Paul Doerder, President                  Jeremy Genovese

Beth Cagan, Vice President                Andy Slifkin

Leo Jeffries, Treasurer                   Susan Slotnick

Ed Thomas, Grievance Officer(s) Don Allensworth-Davies

                                                                             Sonya Charles

                                                                            Birch Browning

Bob Krebs, Secretary                        Linda Quinn

Diana Orendi, Member at Large        Kelly Wrenhaven

William Beasely, Member at Large  Jorge Gatica

              Clinical Faculty at Large:   James Kilbane

            Lecturer Faculty at Large: Donna Davidson

Dave Larson, Past President                Bob Krebs


Note the AAUP leadership changes. All those other members have since retired, except for William Beasley, who left CSU in 2013 to become an Associate for academic affairs at West Virginia University.

I reached my role as I took over the Treasurer duties when Leo Jeffries moved to the Graduate College Deanship, and I was elected to that position for Fall 2006. In 2010, I was elected Vice President when Jeff Karem was president, and succeeded him in 2014. Jeremy Genovese, from Education, has now agreed to take the helm. After 12+ years on a very rewarding committee, perhaps the most important one here at Cleveland State, I begin an honorary and non-voting term of past-president.  Yay.


Changes occur; how faculty respond to the political climate will impact the roll AAUP continues to have at Cleveland State.   Fair share is gone – that outcome was imposed to try and reduce our relevance. I remind everyone that we formed a union chapter without fair share and only brought this requirement to our faculty in 2001.  Membership never cost more than fees for fair share, never exceeded 0.8% of a person’s base salary for tenured faculty (less for entrant members) and therefore, joining the union will not change your financial position and may provide the feeling of greater inclusiveness.  Simply depending on others to carry the load for you instills risks to your future and an imbalance in cost and time to your colleagues.

 I understand that most of you who are not members have never been union members.  Neither had I. Membership gives a voice. I hope never to lose that voice.

 So as I leave the Presidency, I leave behind a changed administrative environment that will challenge our new leadership.  Our new leadership is a mix of experienced and young faculty, all aware and capable (see above). We need that. I had succeeded for years taking a common sense approach to conflict.  I had worked with administration where, when an issue arose, everyone thought about what made sense, what worked well for Cleveland State, and what followed the intent of the contract. Today, we may all be working with leaders where only the “letter” of the contract holds, and interpretations of its language differs can be warped, often markedly from the reasons such language, especially on workload, was originally drafted.

 Protect yourself. We can’t always fix problems after the fact. As you meet with Chairs, even supportive ones, take notes. Get reasons for answers. Get reasons in writing.  These were the types of questions that came out of grievance meetings this summer. Why were you given such and such an assignment? Without knowing that answer, oddly, management tried to focus panels on whether a Dean’s ruling was “rational,” and what that term even meant. The whole process became an academic discussion of legal language, not fairness, not common sense, not what was best for a department, the curriculum or even the students. 

 Keep this all in mind as you proceed in your career.  I’ll continue in Faculty Senate, in Graduate Council, and in giving advice when asked.

 Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve,


Bob Krebs


Our Fall Chapter meeting will be held this coming Tuesday - November 17, 2015, in the Student Center Room 313 at 11:30 am. In order for you to attend, you must be an active member. Membership forms will be on hand for those of you wishing to take part in any of the following discussions below and to have a vote in any important proceedings that lay ahead for all of us..... Hope to see you there!!


  1. We are One Faculty

  2. Upcoming Elections

  3. proposed changes to the Constitution - Constitution_10_17_15

  4. Grievance Reports

  5. Treasurer's Report

  6. Changes with the loss of PDF

  7. Expected changes in Merit Procedures


Greetings bargaining unit members,

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the CSU-AAUP and university Administration has been ratified and signed by President Berkman and your AAUP representatives.  This CBA is our contract through Aug. 14, 2017.

Here I remind you to investigate several key changes to determine how you are affected. A longer summary was sent earlier – the following is to alert you again to upcoming effects.

Many minor changes occur every time a contract is produced. For all the details, a track-changes version of the contract has and remains present on the AAUP website that shows what was modified to produce the present CBA, and we reattach that document here as well .

Everyone should read article 13 carefully to understand subtle changes in workload.

The new contract preserves the flexibility of the old system, and now provides clearer benchmarks for allocation of research and service credit. Faculty who demonstrate assessable scholarship activity at levels commensurate with rank should expect to teach a 3-2 workload of 3-credit-hour courses.  Faculty who are less active in either research or service may be assigned more teaching.  Faculty with exceptional performance either in research or service may be assigned less teaching.

A streamlined credit banking system in Article 14 will make it clearer for how faculty should use their banked credits to offset their teaching load. Questions of your banked credits and when you need to use them should be made to your unit chair or director.

Professional Development

The current Professional Development Fund system has been converted into a cash addition to base salary. Current funds you each have saved will need to be spent soon, but the cutoff date is not until December 31, 2015. The provost’s office has generously offered the extended time as a transition to more easily coordinate travel this Fall as we change policies.

The Provost’s Office will endow an annual travel fund of $250,000 per year, to be made available equitably across colleges.  The Contract Implementation Committee will determine a minimum guaranteed amount for faculty, who may also apply for larger amounts, with appropriate college faculty committees advising their Deans as to how to disburse those funds.

Promotion Review

All assistant professors should carefully read article 12, with special attention to rules related to the procedures for review. Review for promotion will start in year 3 rather than year 4. See article 12.12.  If you are in year 3, then you will proceed with review in year 4 as in the past.  BUT, faculty in year 2 must get started in assembling their dossiers.

Economics – see article 17

Across-the-Board Raises for Continuing Bargaining Unit Members

AY 2014-2015            2.0% (due soon, but which pay has not yet been identified)

AY 2015-2016            1.5% and a $1250 lump sum addition to base salary from conversion of the existing Professional Development Fund system to salary—see below for details) starting this Fall

AY 2016-2017            2.0%

Merit Pool

AY 2015-16                1.0% of the salary pool (applications in Spring semester 2016)

AY 2016-17                1.0% of the salary pool (applications in Spring semester 2017)

Inversion and Compression Adjustments (mechanism to be determined)

AY 2014-2015            Up to $150,000 (effectively 0.5% of the salary pool)

AY 2015-2016            Up to $150,000 (effectively 0.5% of the salary pool)

AY 2016-2017            Up to $150,000 (effectively 0.5% of the salary pool)

Increased Minimum Salaries for Full-time Faculty (college lecturers are now assistant college lecturers) (applies after adding the 2% ATB)

A. Assistant College Lecturer             $40,000

B. Associate College Lecturer            $50,000

C. Senior College Lecturer                 $55,000

D. Instructor:                                      $45,000

E. Assistant Professor:                        $55,000

F. Associate Professor:                      $60,000

G. Full Professor:                                $75,000


Voting for or against the new CBA will be Tuesday,

March 24, in MU (Music) 232 between 10 AM and 4 PM.

Last week we distributed to you a copy of the newly proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that could become your work contract for the next two years and the end of the present one. These documents are attached again here, although the "changes accepted" version has had some formatting corrections and page numbers corrected in the Table of Contents.

The files are

AAUP Contract 2014 with changes indicated

At 10 O'clock, a presentation of the major changes will be made aiming for about 15-20 minutes after which secret ballots may be cast, and these ballots will be accepted until 4 PM. You must vote in person. The AAUP President, Bob Krebs, and at least one other executive committee member will be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions you may have prior to or even after voting.

You MUST be an AAUP member to vote.

You CAN sign a membership form on site, and vote afterwards. Ratification requires a majority support of those AAUP members who vote, and ratification by the CSU Board of Trustees, which is a decision that follows our vote.

I hope to see all next Tuesday.

Regards, Bob Krebs


CONGRATULATIONS to the New AAUP Executive Committee

(Term runs August 15, 2014 - August 14, 2016)

Bob Krebs (BGES) - President

Susan Slotnick (OPER MGT) - Vice President

Sonya Charles (PHILOSOPHY) - Secretary

James Marino (ENGLISH) - Treasurer





AAUP reminds all members of the faculty bargaining unit to apply for an annual merit award. This year’s deadline is Tuesday, March 11, 2014. We know that a deadline during spring break is inconvenient, and it would not have been our first choice. But AAUP believes strongly in the merit and professional accomplishments of its members, and believes just as strongly in seeing our members’ merit rewarded.
We would also remind eligible bargaining-unit faculty who have not officially joined AAUP that this is an ideal moment to join. New contract negotiations will be starting in the near future, and becoming a member of AAUP will allow you to have your full say in the process. We will be distributing a survey to members soon, soliciting your opinion on priorities for the next contract. So join AAUP and make your voice heard.