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Duties of the Officers of the Chapter

A. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Chapter and of the Executive Committee. The President shall be the official representative of the Chapter. Unless appointed a voting member in the usual manner, the President shall be a non-voting member of every committee, not to be included in the quorum count.

B. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall assume the duties of the President and shall perform other duties as directed by the Chapter, including coordination of and liaison with Department Representatives.

C. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Chapter and Executive Committee meetings, maintain the official records of the Chapter, prepare the agenda for Chapter meetings (with the advice of the Executive Committee), and shall perform other duties as directed by the Chapter.

D. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the recording of chapter finances and for the discharge of all financial obligations of the Chapter. At the regular Fall Chapter meeting the Treasurer shall, in consultation with the President, present an annual financial report on the previous fiscal year for review by the Chapter. The Executive Committee may request, at its discretion, periodic financial statements from the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall make the accounts available for inspection upon request by the Executive Committee or upon petition of 20% of the Chapter's Active Membership.

E. The Members At-Large shall carry out those duties assigned to them by the President and/or Executive Committee.

F. The Grievance Officer shall be acquainted with current Grievance procedures. The Grievance Officer and/or Assistant Grievance Officer(s) shall assist and advise any and all persons in the bargaining unit from the initiation of a grievance to its eventual resolution. The Grievance Officer, individually or with the assistance of the Assistant Grievance Officer(s), shall advise the Executive Committee on all matters pertaining to the grievance procedure and on all grievance cases.