Membership Benefits

Benefits of and Reasons for Becoming an Active, Dues-Paying Member of the CSU-AAUP

Why join the AAUP?

  • Membership in the AAUP is not only about meeting our own needs–as it so ably does–but about solidarity with our colleagues and about upholding professional and academic principles for ourselves and for the next generation of scientists and scholars.
  • Over the years AAUP committees have established standards that are recognized by most institutions of higher education. These include the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, the 1966 Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities, and more recently Academic Freedom and National Security in a Time of Crisis.
  • Only active, dues-paying members can vote on union-related matters: The election of Executive Meeting officers, Bargaining Council representatives, and contract ratification. 
  • Only active, dues-paying members can serve on the Executive Committee, Bargaining Council, Negotiating Team, or Level III Grievance Panels.
  • Your AAUP membership gives you exclusive access to the expertise of AAUP staff, members, and leaders. Our lineup of guidebooks, toolkits, and webinars put the resources to defend academic freedom, ensure economic security, and advance faculty governance for all faculty at your fingertips.
  • Insurance programs and Discounts offer a wide variety of products to further enhance the value of your membership with extensive product offerings nationwide. Certain coverage may not be available in all states.

Where do your CSU-AAUP dues go?

  • Part of Union dues goes to the national AAUP organization (~38%) and part to the Ohio AAUP Organization (~4%) which coordinates activities on many fronts. When Congress considers higher education bills, AAUP is there to lobby and advise. When the state legislatures write their budgets, Ohio-AAUP is there.
  • The CSU-AAUP employs a part time administrator (~16%) to run our day to day operations.
  • The Union pays Taxes and Insurance (~8%), Legal, accounting, and financial consultants (~11.5%) and summer honoraria and course buyouts (~22%).
  • The Union dues pay for the CSU-AAUP attorney; the attorney provides important input on grievances, represents grievants during arbitration (Level V Grievance), and is a critical consultant during contract negotiations. 
  • The CSU-AAUP splits other costs of arbitration with the Administration.
  • Contract negotiations may require a federal mediator.  Those costs are split between the CSU-AAUP and the Administration.
  • The CSU-AAUP hires a financial consultant to examine the financial status of the University prior to negotiations.

What does the CSU-AAUP do?

  • Primarily performing its duties as the exclusive representative of the faculty, e.g., for collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance processing.
  • Maintain open communications with the Provost and advocate on behalf of the faculty.
  • Grievance Officers or Executive Committee Members can represent Bargaining-Unit members in meetings with administrators, even if it is not a formal grievance meeting.
  • Grievance Officers represent Bargaining-Unit members in grievance meetings with administrators.
  • Any members of the Bargaining Unit can consult with Grievance Officers or other members of the Executive Committee to determine how to address issues of concern and determine whether there has been a contract violation.

Why should you join CSU-AAUP?

  • Having a strong union with an invested membership will be particularly important as CSU navigates future uncertainties. 
  • The costs of active, dues-paying membership are low, less than 1% of your base salary.  (The details can be found in “Article III.B. Dues” of the CSU-AAUP Constitution.)
  • Full membership, with voting rights, is always voluntary and requires submission of the membership form. Your membership in the chapter will provide the Chapter, National and State organizations with the resources it needs to continue to defend the rights of university scholars.
  • Shouldn’t everyone pitch in and contribute to the effort?

The reality is we are as strong as our membership, and we need your support.  Join CSU-AAUP today, and get involved. It’s hard work and it’s work worth doing.